About Us


Welcome to Truly Bespoke Equestrian for personalised equestrian garments,  eco friendly equestrian wear, and custom made show wear.
We are a small family run business consisting of me Gayli Lindsey Murphy, my partner Tony, and a couple of other part time family members who help out from time to time with various tasks and when things get really busy. 

Personalised Equestrian Wear

For our personalised garments prices include all the embroidery. So whether your looking for personalised hoodies, personalised matching sets, or personalised leggings we will use our expertise to find you the best garments available for you at the price you have available to spend, and expertly add impressive embroidery or screen printing to transfom your garment. 

On all of our personalised items we use eco friendly embroidery thread when the colours are available at no added price to you. 

We also use hoodies which have a high % of natural fibre whenever possible, as these are better for the environment.  And we are adding more and more eco options as they become available .


Eco Friendly & Ethical Equestrian  Wear

 If you haven't already guessed Truly Bespoke is trying to be as eco friendly as possible,  without  raising our prices. As a science graduate, a horse lover, and a life long interest and professional courses in sewing, tailoring and design, I wanted to be able to offer my customers more choice in their horse riding wear. 

I wanted to offer stylish well made equestrian garments that were being ethically produced and were less harmful to the environment and more sustainable.

As a life time rider, competitor, and most importantly a horse lover I wanted the very best comfort for my horse, a saddle cloth, that would most importantly feel very comfortable for the horse to wear, and help regulate air flow and temperature. 
I particularly wanted a saddle cloth that wouldn't keep slipping and would help to regulate moisture under the saddle. One that wasn't so thick that it made the saddle more uncomfortable as did you know a too bulkier saddlecloth can actually make a good fitting saddle more uncomfortable for your horse!
Our eco saddlecloth is optimum thickness,  because as you know the purpose of the saddlecloth is not to reduce the ill effects of a badly fitting saddle, but to give a cushioned protection to horses back and absorb the horses sweat.
So our eco friendly saddlecloth is designed to provide optimum cushioning for the horses back with optimum sweat absorption and air flow. 
We use a natural cotton underside to help promote this, rather than bamboo which is a material although often sighted as being great for under the saddle! It is actually not very durable and means your saddlecloth would need replacing more often if it was to remain in peak performance! 
These eco saddlecloths come in two styles Close Contact or Dressage 
Our intricate crochet ear bonnet is very stylish and can be ordered as a short or long ear bonnet with a tie down attachment for the nose band.
 Then there is the fabulous matching base layer with contrast stitching sewn to the highest standard and made from specifically designed wicking fabrics which are recyclable.
As an experienced dressmaker and tailor our eco matching sets needed to be of the finest quality craftmanship, with accurate stitching and high quality fabrics and trimmings.
These eco matching sets are sewn to an exceedingly high standard they cannot be beaten on quality. 
As I personally tailor and sew a number of high quality show garments. I recognise the number of hours it takes to create any quality garment, so I was also keen that our eco brand  should be ethically made with workers receiving above the average pay and good working conditions.
I don't feel comfortable riding my wonderful horses knowing that their horse wear has been made by workers in terrible conditions and receiving very little pay.  
Most horse riding wear is made by the same unethical factories abroad including the top expensive brands who buy it cheap and stick their branding on for a hefty profit. 
I am pleased to offer my customers something special that doesn't exploit other people !
Our eco brand Lucky Rider cares about its customers as well as the people who are making it!
There is no plastic is used in our short ethical supply chain, and we are using  carbon offsetting to reduce the carbon footprint made in manufacture.
We will be planting a tree on Dartmoor for every matching set sold. 
So that as well as looking amazing, and providing ultimate horse comfort, we  are helping to preserve our beautiful world for riding and feeding our horses.
We are offering an upcycling service on our wonderful eco brand.
We are also launching Eco Rider and Little Eco Rider range which is the Rolls Royce of eco friendliness and ethical production.. 
To include all cotton hoodies, cotton polos, sourced from Etika, please feel free to follow this link ethical promise – etika uniforms and read about this wonderful company and their inspiring story.  
Base layers are being made at Truly Bespoke from only recycled fabrics, riding jodhpurs are made from cotton only spandex and cotton only saddlecloths  including wadding, and hand made crochet ear bonnets. 
These are all made ethically in India see our link above, or made here at Truly Bespoke, we are sure you will love to support UK manufacturing in the North of England.
There is absolutely no plastic used throughout our supply chain 

Custom Made Show Wear

Custom made bespoke show/ hacking jackets and waistcoats for riders who want a fabulous fit. 
Made to Measure jodhpurs for men as well as ladies that are long lasting, and repairable here at Truly Bespoke.
Custom made base layers in beautiful designs made up to order. Made to measure clothing is so much more flattering than wearing standard sizes.
We also make custom made cotton show rugs, which are so much better environmentally than a fleece rug. 
All our custom made show wear can be repaired, upcycled or recycled into our business. 
And we are planting a tree for every custom made garment ordered at Truly Bespoke.


So a little about how and when I started and my passion for my horses and sewing.

My passion for both started when I was a child and I either liked to be riding horses or making things. I learnt sewing at school and in fact this is wear I made my 1st riding jacket.  It wasn't lined or anything but it was a good try for a 14 year old, and my teacher thought it was wonderful.  From there I bought myself a sewing machine and took myself off on various sewing and tailoring courses.

Pretty much the same happened with my passion for horses, well apart from learning horse riding at school which I do actually think would be a great addition to the National Curriculum. I was never lucky enough to have a horse as a child but every weekend I spent helping out at the riding school just so I could go on the 2 o'clock fast ride! 

Then I found Gollings Farm where I could hire a horse for 50p a morning. Well that was it! I was away with a different horse every weekend to the house asking my dad to buy it! But he never did! But I now have an amazing horse called Amber, I've had her over 20 years and she is now 24! She is the beautiful bay in the picture at the top.

I still enjoy riding my horse Amber Cadanza who is slightly arthritic, and especially enjoy going  on special outings like cross –country days, show jumping clinics, and dressage competitions, as well as pleasure rides and general hacks out around my local area. Getting new things for me and her is always so exciting.  I don’t think I will ever grow out of loving horses!

I  also have  Welsh Section D, named Princess who is now 2. I had her since she was a foal  How time flies! I'm hoping to break her in myself when the time comes, but I will see how she is progressing before I risk getting on. 

So I set up my business in 2014, although very different than my previous career as a teacher I love it because it is so creative. I do miss teaching a bit though just the kids really.

  My business which started in a spare room, moved into premises at North Lizard Lane Riding School in 2017, where I started to build a loyal customer base. In 2019, we were given the devastating news that the premises were no longer available as the landlord had decided to use the building for other purposes.

Truly Bespoke moved to their new location at Pine  tree Business Centre in July 2019 and the business is going from Strength to Strength with loyal customers throughout the UK.

Our plan is to continue to provide top class personalised equestrian wear making it easy for equestrians to find all the lovely garments they need . Also to encourage customers to try our new Eco Friendly Brand, and attract new customers who are interested in the environment and ethical products etc. To continue to offer custom made equestrian wear for customers .

Eco Dog Wear

In 2022 we started doing some personalised dog wear such as bandannas, we have decided that the best way forward for this is to just offer eco friendly dog wear. So all our bandannas are now made from either recycled fabrics, cotton or organic cotton. They are  all hand crafted and if personalised we will use eco friendly embroidery thread.

We will also be making other dog items from recycled fabrics including dog hoodies ,fleeces, beds etc and this will hopefully cut down on fabrics going to land fill.


Our plan for this year is to further reduce our Carbon Footprint by becoming a Carbon Partner with Moor Trees, helping increase woodland cover in Devon. The business will donate money to buy saplings which will be planted to create new woodland in Dartmoor. And we have introduced our no plastic policy. 

Here at Truly Bespoke we are interested in all things horsey and each year sponsor a number of riders as well as professional coaches. 

Here at Truly Bespoke we are committed to helping equestrian charities and currently support the Washington RDA, with a discount on goods purchased.