Our Environmental / Fairtrading Policy

 Eco Friendly Equestrian Wear 

Our eco horse brand Lucky Rider is not only the finest quality but it is ethically made and sustainable as well.  

 As well as planting a tree for every matching set sold, we are offering an upcycling service where customers can have their old saddlecloths turned into items such as grooming bags / back packs at an agreed price. This of course is if they are not reselling them.

Even If your you are not interested in upcycling your saddlecloth for yourself we are offering to buy your old saddlecloth for a small fee so that we can recycle it into another product so that it is sustainable. For example to make stuffing for our dog beds. Our aim is to reduce wastage and prevent materials going to landfill.

Our eco friendly brand Lucky Rider also uses no plastic throughout the short supply chain. We send our matching sets out in either eco boxes or reusable tote bags.

Then there are our hoodies. We  supply hoodies that are ethically made either from this country or abroad. 

We are very interested in environmental issues and source our hoodies, polos, and most of our jackets  from either UK manufacturing or ethical suppliers abroad in order to help reduce our carbon footprint, and reduce the unfair labour practices of some countries. We are trying to use suppliers who are not sending out tons of plastic packaging.

Our hoodies are either 100% cotton, as in our new Little Rider range, or have a high % of cotton, and we are using eco threads whenever possible.

We are planting a tree for every horse photo hoodie sold and also offering up cycling on these hoodies! So when it is out grown or no longer needed, provided it is in good condition, it can be turned into a cosy cushion or a lovey pyjama case.  

Even if you don't want to upcycle we are will to pay a small fee and return postage so that we can recycle your hoodie into useful dog toys or stuffing for dog beds etc, saving your once adored hoodie from becoming land fill, making sure your hoodie is used in a sustainable way so that it does not impact on the environment.

 When we sew garments at Truly Bespoke we use recycled fabrics or natural fabrics rather than manmade fibres. For example we hand craft cotton bandannas, and recycled bandannas, bow ties, and this year dog collars and leads from recycled materials.

Then there is our custom made clothing which is also sustainable. We can usually be repair it if damaged, and if not we offer upcycling, or to re purchase for our recycling again saving items from becoming landfill and making them sustainable.

We make dog jackets and fleeces from recycled horse rugs, and dog hoodies from our damaged hoodies that would normally be thrown away. 

   So when you order from Truly Bespoke you can rest assured that we are recycling, upcycling, using no plastic and planting trees, and making sure our equestrian clothing is sustainable.

We are also encouraging the craft of sewing with a number of workshops starting this year, so maybe we can interest you to join one of these either at our studio or online and turn your own purchases into sustainable items. They start from very beginners to more advanced techniques. Sign up for our news letter to keep informed.

Our plan for this year is to further reduce our Carbon Footprint by becoming a Carbon Partner with Moor Trees, helping increase woodland cover in Devon. The business will donate money to buy saplings which will be planted to create new woodland in Dartmoor.