Eco friendly and ethical horse wear

Lucky rider is our premium range which is ethically made and lower carbon footprint than other horse riding brands. 

  • Did you know that most manufacturing employees including those from expensive horse brands   work in appalling conditions.
  • 93% of workers abroad aren't paid a living wage
  • Most use tons of plastic packaging


Our  new premium brand Lucky rider is offering something different.

  1. We ensure that all our workers are treated fairly and operate in a good, safe working environment.
  2. We  pay at least 30% above the regional average
  3. We do not use plastic through-out our supply chain
  4. We are in the process of becoming a carbon partner with Moor Trees and a tree will be planted for every lucky rider sale
  5. We are offering an upcycling service on Lucky Rider saddlecloths to turn them into items such as mini grooming bags, medical kit bags or any other useful item you fancy.