Collection: Personalised and eco matching sets

Personalised and eco matching sets

We can help you look stylish and preserve our planet as well, with our premium luxury brand which is eco friendly and ethically made as well.

Most manufacturing employees work in appalling conditions and 93% of workers aren't paid a living wage. Unfortunately this also applies to your favourite big brands in the equestrian industry who although they have a high price tag are not paying workers a fare wage. 

Our premium brand is very different workers are paid 30% above the regional average, and working in good safe working conditions. 

We have a short supply chain and do not use any plastic through out this, all matching sets come in a reusable tote bag useful for your shopping.

We are also planting a tree for every matching set sold and offering an upcycling service on saddle pads where they can be made in to an alternative garment for example a small ruck sack, grooming bag, horse medical kit bag. 

As well as being eco friendly and ethically made as a life time rider, competitor, and most importantly a horse lover I wanted a saddle cloth, ear bonnet and base layer that was stylish for me and the horses to look good and yet ones that would feel very comfortable and be fit for purpose, a saddle cloth that wouldn't keep slipping and would help to regulate moisture under the saddle. 

I wasn't looking for enormous  thickness and bulk in a saddle cloth as did you know a too bulkier saddlecloth can actually make a good fitting saddle more uncomfortable for your horse!

So I wanted one that wasn't too thick but optimum thickness,  because as you know the purpose of the saddlecloth is not to reduce the ill effects of a badly fitting saddle, but to give a cushioned protection to horses back and absorb the horses sweat. The Lucky Rider saddlecloth provides optimum cushioning for the back with optimum sweat absorption.

These luxurious horse sets come in a beautiful silk finish and include a stylish close contact saddle pad, with contrasting trim and mesh underside to prevent slipping.  An exquisite ear bonnet made from intricate crochet, available in two different styles long and short. 

Price includes the saddlecloth and ear bonnet .  To purchase the full set choose the option to add a base layer. Or choose product the full matching set. 

Why not treat yourself to a stunning hat silk with a faux fur pom pom or a pair of quality riding gloves as well! 

These exclusive sets are available in wonderful colours .

Want to add the personal touch? Their fine quality makes them perfect for beautiful equestrian embroidery.

Price includes embroidery of two names each side . Or if you wish to add your logo we can send an invoice for an extra £15.00

If you wish to buy more than 1 please use our contact form or email for a competitve quote 


Available in 2 sizes Pony / Full, and the following beautiful colours!

Hunter  Green 

Midnight Navy


English Rose 

Blue Rose