Collection: Personalised Show Rugs and travel bandages

 Personalised show rugs 

We have a selection of personalised show rugs or travel rugs . All prices include personalisation.

Custom Made 

We also custom make cotton show rugs in different colours.  These are much more eco friendly than fleeces and can be made in most colours and have velcro fastenings. Please see our custom made products.  


Eco friendly Rugs

Our eco brand Lucky rider also has a fleece rug made from recycled fabric.

We plant a tree for every eco friendly fleece rug ordered.  These rugs are great quality and are also ethically made as well. They do not come in plastic but in cloth tote bags or eco boxes. We are also offering upcycling on these rugs.

So when you have finished with your horse rug if your nor reselling it for some reason   you can pay an agreed fee to turn it into a dog fleece, a bed or a lovely cushion .depending of course on its condition. Or we can buy it from you as scrap to use in our up cycling. 

Please see our eco friendly equestrian wear